Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas 2011

What? another christmas already?? really? ok, fine. this year has had a few changes that have made me do more than i used to. not that i'm complaining (much) but the last 6mths have been a busy time (hence no updates for the last 2 months!) but lets see what the new year will do eh ;)
dont think she was happy with me ;)
So another street party in Waikiki, with more houses lit up this year, probably cause a few houses were for sale last year. so it was all systems go! the crowds seemed a little down on the  last couple of years. maybe it was the slow economy or maybe there were more homely things to do besides drive around other peoples houses looking for xmas light shows! plus we didnt have the BBQ going like previous years, just too much effort is what most people thought, take it easy and just get nibbles and drink...cant complain about that!
  And as usual i didnt get my photgraphy list ready before i set out and left the tripod in the other car, so had to grab a mates very lightweight small one and make do with that. next year i will remember to get a decent tripod AND a friggan remote, cause on a light tripod even just touching the shutter release softly will still make the whole thing shake, as evident from the photos following. not as sharp as i would have liked. but at least i got some!
anyways, here they are! (remember, they are clickable for bigger size!)

some people did it style!

One of the houses was collecting for charity!

And santa did a lap around the street, before it got too busy!

just chillin ;)

As usual, the Carolers were around.

damn kids!

by 9pm the crowds had thinned out

even the kombi got lit up!

now THIS is a party!!!!

so there you have it! most of these shots were around 3sec, give or take depending how bright the houses were.
now if i can remember the remote for next year.. ;)

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