Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo leanings

Ok, so some of you might have seen my photos on Flickr. i dont really have a style to speak off, although i do a lot of car shoots. Either shows or drift comps or just my own cars. i dabble a bit in night photography/long exposures. but i dont really have a set style or  good at any particular genre...well, i've been thinking (a bad thing usually) and maybe i should combine the two things i really like..Cars and Girls!!!
I know....more blatant sexism....but what else can i do??? so many people these days can go spend up big on the latest gear and study Photoshop and get some decent stuff...but really, how many flowers/cats/bokeh kids etc can one take???
 and i like cars, don't mind the female form either! so....why not!  I did some shots before Xmas of a friend and my dodge, look fairly good so have another one tee'd up for the end of Jan and have asked another girl i know  to join us (or do a different shoot), she's never done anything like it before so she might enjoy it (or maybe not?)
So we shall see how this goes (maybe even grab a few cars from upcoming car shows) and maybe i could even get some in the magazines i so often buy. that would be cool!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

why me?

So, a group of us decided to go see Avatar3D.....fair my ticket while the others were eating dinner and went to meet them, sat down and showed the ticket..."what this health card thing?" one said...i look at the ticket...Hmmm i got a discount!...hang on.....i got this cause i look so old and decrepit that he took pity on me and thought i MUST be on a pension or invalids income???  FFUUUUUck you!
i didnt have a walking frame or glasses, was neat and tidy....why would some young prick think i needed a health care card?? did i look like i just ransacked a wheelie bin out the back of Target for my clothes?? UP YOURS youth of today!!! arsehole!

anyways, toddled(?) off inside the cinema and waited to see what the fuss was all about..."gee that screen looks a little dark??" we all chimed. they better fix that! didnt. 15mins later they tell us their fixing we become the loud obnoxious group in the theatre. after 1 hr they tell us it cant be fixed and there sorry. we can get our money back. broken bulb in the projector. good on you youth of today!! "how many projectionists does it take to changed a blown light bulb??"
NONE, they have no fucking idea!!!

so we make it for the next day at 3ish.........only to find upon my arrival (they were already there) that the entire complex just lost all power!!! oh great now they've fucked up the entire neighborhood!

screw them... we went to another cinema 15mins away and finally saw it........well...all that and is that it???
it was ok visually, but the someone else posted it looks alot like 'Fern Gully'
oh well.....might as well go home and find some porn then!

aahhh thats better!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In the beginning.....

Ok, so i've decided to add to the huge amount of socially awkward people who talk crap...HI!!!

so this will probably be more of a photography theme than just nonsensical ramblings, maybe.
we'll see how it all pans out, if i take any decent photos or just get jack of idiots on the road (i drive trucks in the metro area) it will go here along with some witty and amusing links.

till then OO-roo ;)