Saturday, August 28, 2010

where to now??

well, i haven't updated this for a while. probably because i work long hours and leave no time for photography! just a lot of sleep. i have since bought a new camera, a Pentax K-7. i had to wait till it came down in price as i seem to spend most of my income on cars (more in a min). so now i have got the main part of a good set-up, i now need to get myself some proper glass. first up i think will have to be a 10-20 lens as with most of my auto shots a need to get the whole car in without standing in other people's way (or hitting the car next to it). then maybe a good mid-range lens. maybe an 85mm prime, for the odd portrait shoot. then a damn good sport lens for the action stuff. recently i went to the superkhana as a photographer rather than an entrant (car broke). and with some amazing cars i thought i could get some decent shots with K-7 and the kit 18-55 lens.

  Unfortunately that didnt work out real well..

Although the pics look ok, there is still no detail, and definatley a lack of sharpness when enlarged or cropped. not impressed at all!!!!
so i think the only way to fix this is with proper glass. something that will take a bit of money!!

but that may be a problem....see.... i have this thing about cars. I've literally owned about 63 cars (most not running) and i tend to get a car and rush into it for a while...then... Nothing! i have a small attention span when i dont have the tools or knowledge to get things done. and i cant afford to take them to a 'Pro' to be fixed, so i either leave them in the yard or sell them unfinished. which then get me agitated that i haven't done anything to them and i end up getting another one!
  Case in point, right now i have 3 CA bedfords in my backyard. 2 campers and 1 ex postie van. now when i got the postie van i had grand plans on doing it up rat style. but then the 'ol bloke i got it off said there was another one i should look at. and of course i did!! 2 campers in some guys yard and would only sell me the good one IF i took the crap one of course i did. now i must admit i did a fair bit of work on the good camper. pulled it apart and welded a new rear lower valance panel with a step in it, fixed the front radiator support panel (after the sandblaster ran over it with his fork!!) and resprayed it in marine paint (better for outdoors).
of course when it came time to re-do the fibreglass roof and canvas, i left it and lost interest (plus i moved) and since then i moved again and it has just sat in the back with the others :(
The 'others' are, a '58 VW volksrod, 70 Dodge Phoenix, 88 skyline coupe, so i have 7 cars IN MY BACKYARD!!! oh...did i mention the '56 Bedford SB bus at a local truck park??  oh and of course the latest purchase.. a 76 Reliant Kitten.. i kid you not!  never even heard of these things! a relative to the often maligned Robin 3 wheeler these little 4wheeled all fibreglass cars are popular in the UK..and some-one imported 2 of them into Australia. i got the crappy one of course. and i also got a 67 Reliant Rebel for even less then the kitten!...why you ask? well i did bid on them thru E-blah but then decided not to continue. unfortunatly neither did anyone else, and i won them! damn. i pick that one up next weekend. At the moment i will just get them up and running, maybe with club rego and return to fixing the others.
i think i NEED to win lotto!!!


bedford bus---

Dodge Phoenix---



CA bedford postie van---

CA campers---

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  1. Thats a lot of restoration you have to do there Bruce! The Dodge is awesome and I love the VW Hot Rod thing - what you were thinking with the Kitten though, is a mystery! You'll be needing a full time car photography business to fund that ebay habit you've got - LOL