Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot Rods to Hell

One of the niggles you get living in a relatively small city is that the car/cruise scene is fairly small, but there are a few clubs trying to add more to the summer cruises here,(one was the Hot summer nights run i posted a while back) One of the newest is "Hot Rods to Hell". set at the totally awesome venue "Devilles Pad", a Burlesque/swing club in the city area. it caters to the growing group of 50's era enthusiasts, from bobbers/rockers and rockabilly that has roots in hot rodding scene and visa versa.
  The Venue was fenced off from the other buildings and heaps of hot rods and kool customs parked along the fence line from front to back (even some very nice scooters got a patch of ground!). inside there was all the usual bar and bistro available if you were hungry or thirsty, plus all around the inside were stalls catering to your every 50's need. from plates/cups/homewares to music records, clothes from various designers  and heaps of other stuff to liven up you and your pad! there was even a barber out in the beer garden ready to give you the latest 50's style!
 Heaps of people enjoyed the whole spectacle of what is a Unique event here in Perth, with many getting dressed up in rockabilly and 50's clothes just to make it that much more of a  pleasant experience. not to mention the "drags" with some pedal cars for the young (and some not so) enjoying a race or two. with a  DJ inside and outside, a couple of fashion shows and a live band on the stage inside, it made for a busy day for those who stayed around for everything!
Lets hope this stays as an annual fixture on the Perth car scene, i for one will be attending again (hopefully with a car!)... lets see some pics now..

non stop all day!

gotta love the inside of this place!!!

Need that little bit for the house?

All around the walls were more stalls

The drags!

they even had a magic show to amuse the littleun's!

The devil you know!

Tony even had to work!

some fashion shows

and a band playing....choice!!

Now he does the rear.

Mmm more fashion

even an onsite barber!!!

Tony did an awesome job as usual!

Found myself a model for the evening!

and the car we used..mmmm nice...

think i need to buy some more clothes for next year now!
see ya's on the road ;)

OH and thanks if you've come over from AutoLifePerth!

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