Friday, June 24, 2011

night cruises

There was a memorial cruise organized for a young bloke who lost his life in a car accident after a drunk driver hit his car, and around 300 or so cars/people turned up last saturday night to cruise around and stopping at various spots he used to like cruising to. there was even a police escort from the start point (they were notified of the event) and seen along the way. As i got there late (as usual) i missed the gathered cars in the overfull carpark at city west, but did manage to catch up along the way (not hard finding a sh!tload of cars cruising around perth!). for a full wrap up visit Autolifeperth.

 But while we were out and about, at one meet place there was a real nice S8 rx7 and after most of the cars left, he had it parked in just the right way that i decided to take a few night shots of it . haven't done a night shoot in ages and this was just the thing i needed!
Considering it was an industrial area and swamped in yellow sulpher lights i still managed to get some decent shots after a bit of editing, rather sweet i reckon!

not the sharpest, but the remnants of someone's burnout make it look like mist!

 Then after the cruise we went to maccas on leach hwy (as you do) and sat around gas bagging etc till 3am! thought some quick snaps of the area were needed, just to do something to stop me falling asleep ;)

so there's a little look into what i get up to!

Friday, June 17, 2011

model shoot 3

Ok, heres the real post. we had another model shoot last month (only posted now due to no net) and seeing i didnt go to this months shoot,  this will have to make up for a lack of model photos for a month!
The theme was "7 deadly sins" and was shot in east perth/claisebrook park near the lake/river. a few of us decided to make a night of it on saturday and did a couple of pre shoot shots and just general playing around (drink and eat mainly) some shenanigans resulted and it ended up a good night! Thanks to Kate for letting us stay over and mess her house up ;)
As ever there were more people at this event than before, which made things a little hectic when rotation between groups started but in all i think it went off fairly well. so many great looking outfits and makeup work made for some very nice photos from a few of the other photogs, and as i didnt do the video thing i tried to actually take some photos for once! and seeing i have the new camera and some sweet borrowed lenses i was going ok till some issues with the flash had me scratching my head (as i never used one one on a shoot before) but in the end i think i did ok. then came the Post Processing! well seems my computer didnt like all that work and would refuse to save certain files if i did too much PP'ing to them. hence it took me nearly a month and a new 2TB HDD to finally get through them (and i still missed a couple!) but i had to upload them before the new months shoot started to appear online. well i think i'll get it serviced soon and maybe upgrade the motherboard..again!
 I dont know if i have a certain 'style' to my photos yet, or it's just merely the way i see them but i did use fairly much the same technique for all of them. we'll see hoe the next one goes i suppose.

ok, on with the pics.....

my version of envy!

dont ask :/

terrible trio!
WOOT! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've had a few weeks without internet thanks to the dismal amount you get from wireless broadband in Aus. 8 gb lasted all of 10 days, and when your uploading hi-res photos to various sites and dropbox'ing them to models etc you go through it fairly quickly. big ups to Australia's third world internet!! looks like i may have to go back to a landline to get net as i cant afford w'less with small downloads and high prices. problem is where i live Telstra has stilll not updated the local exchange so i still cant get adsl2. so back to slow adsl1, but at least i can get a min of 50gb with far less drop-outs (sometimes) for around the same price. and seeing i have finally edited last months model shoot, i can upload that here soon too! (maybe friday night) this months shoot was on sunday just gone, but i had to miss it as my computer doesn't like heavy editing with Lightroom. may need a service? or a new one! so missed a great 'Burlesque' themed shoot :( oh well, next months maybe.

 heres a teaser of the set..