Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas lights 2012

Another Xmas eve in Australia, and it was a warm and sunny day here in Perth, and as usual i visited some friends for the street party that has a big following down this end of town.

Most of the houses put up their colourful lights and displays for all the visitors that will be passing thru come sundown, and as usual there were a lot of people driving and walking through the street with their kids/family/dogs in tow, as they do each and every year. 

this year a few more of the houses had some lights up as last year we were down a few as houses were sold or owners were on holidays. but the amount of people coming to see these displays didn't slow down, in fact i think it may have increased although they do seem to finish earlier each year, and this year we didn't have a bbq on the lawn as usual. so we just ate before and parked our chairs up inside our little area out the front of the house.

Once i've settled in and had food or drink, i grab the camera and head out to record all the houses with display's (not all of them as either i can't see for the cars and people, or they dont have a big display, but still sit in the garage and eat while watching the passers by) and that takes a good hour or so as i meet people i know or just talk to the owners for a bit. but once i'm done it's back to my chair and a cold one ;)
(and just for the photogs out there, i took these shots using a Nikon D7000 on a tripod with a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens using F3.5 iso 800 and around 1sec exposure, the early ones are slightly different, but not much, and cropped accordingly. also i used Lr to edit them)

so there you have it for another year, seems to be a trend now. this makes it 3yrs running that I've done a blog on xmas lights in this street. lets hope i can continue it!
OO-roo! DB

dont forget, the photos are 'clickable for large size viewing ;)

they gave me food, i like them!

and the crowd starts

even the local police came past to say 'ello!

..and they said 'ello to Santa too!

Santa was busy all night!

One of the neighbours were collecting for a local charity...

....and they even had their mascot there to say hello to the kiddies!

that white blur up the top is the moon

one house even had a mechanical singing santa!

people were lining up to see the displays...even if i was in the way ;)

dam bogans were out in force ;)

even the visitors had xmas lights!

Carolers going from house to house singing away!

your never too  old to ask santa for pressies.... ;)

finally dieing down


  1. Nice job Bruce - awesome pictures! Mine are truly terrible in comparison!!!

  2. i was a bit annoyed with the lack of sharpness from that lens, maybe too much to ask i guess, but still, you cant really see on the small web sizing ;)