Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perth Zombie walk 2013

 The 2013 Perth zombie walk was held on Saturday 12 October in the Northbridge piazza to raise awareness and funds for the Brain foundation here in Australia, and after a somewhat wet start to the day the clouds eventually moved on and made for a typical spring day here in the west, warm and sunny without the heat of summer. and didn't everyone come out to enjoy it!

 the place was packed with zombies and zombie hunters of every description and decay with varying amounts of make-up from on-site artists doing it when you arrive to others taking plenty of time and doing some amazing effort from home and arriving ready to scare.

 there were two walks, one for the families and children and one for the more adventurous and groups, all who walked through Northbridge to amazed and sometimes unknowing locals, all of which made for a fun adventure. with plenty of music from "Sweet Surrender" and dancing to keep the fun levels up and people had phone cameras out and asking for a multitude of happy snaps with pretty much everyone there.
 I think the event went off  really well and hopefully raised some much needed monies for research  and should be a blast again next year!. i'll be there and hopefully WITH some makeup ;)

(Photos are clickable for larger size!)

Zombie cheerleaders dont like fire!


sometimes zombies have trouble eating or drinking non fleshy things ;)

that god!!!!

off with his head!!!

Sweet Surrender!

zombie detecting cat?????

some of the horde!

The onsite make-up artists!!!

reminds me of my ex when i ask to spend money on my cars!!

some were lucky to escape!

..including me!

zombies dancing...can you tell?? ;)

winners are grinners... i think?

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  1. BraaaiinnZ... Great write up & photos. Especially pics of myself, i feel honoured. Thanks for a great venue, the brilliant makeup artists working their magic all day, the band, the organisers, the donations, funding, sponsorship, the whole day & night was ALOT of fun.

    1. Cheers Rachel, it was quite good and i hope they did raise enough money and that everyone had a great time!