Monday, December 27, 2010

Drag racing

I haven't been to a meet for a 2yrs!. yes i go to some small events like hotrod/nostalgia meets, were i can actually get to the start line like the pro's. but not the major events. why? because i cant get past the staging lanes for a good shot and the price has gone up over the years. last time i went (and it's only 5mins drive away!) it was @ $36 for an adult. yesterday it was $46!!!! WTF?? how are family's supposed to afford this?
if i do go it's usually a big meet, like yesterdays "Boxing day Nitro funny car challenge". they had 4 Nitro fuel cars ready to run, and a few cars i haven't seen plus others that have had a makeover. yeah i know 4 isn't much, but dont forget we are in the west of Australia. 1500kms from the next biggest city and really we are all alone over here, so big teams from the east dont usually make it this far.
the best time is after lunch while the sun is still high, but as it was @ 38/40 degrees C  i waited till 4pm once the wind made it bearable. the problem with getting there later is the shadows from the west bank gradually goes across the track making photography a pain as 1 lane is in full sun and the other in shadows. yes you can still get some pit area shots of teams readying their cars and general movement. but for track pics it sucks. and when the shadow crosses over to the other side of the track you now have to bump up your ISO to keep your F stop reasonable to capture a good pan. as the day goes away you really need an F2.8 or better (high ISO) to get great shots or they'll look too grainy (as mine did). also unless your there with friends it can get quite boring. but hey, i was there to enjoy the racing and hopefully get some usable shots.

click on pics for full size!

an old Pontiac giving it some curry!

i thought this was funny!

The heat haze generated by these cars is immense!

too bright to see the flames yet!

Enough cameras??

setting sun

some of the super street guys cant help but put on a smoke display!
and then the big guys start!

much flamage!

damn hard to get these guys in full flight!

Well, it may be a while before i get back here for a big meet. i'm not fussed, i'll just sit outside my place and listen to them instead!

cheerio for now ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's xmas...i think?

Yeah, its xmas. i know this cause everyone see's me as the poor old single guy and invite me to xmas dinner or pre xmas brunch or something. not as many this year..hmmm. i wonder why?? too much grinch?? possibly!
anyway, the highlight usually is xmas eve street party at nikki and bryan's place down waikiki way (beachside 'burb in Perth). For the last 3yrs i usually go there, although last year i missed it from being a grinch so i had to go this year. i've never been to such an event as this. the (70%) whole street puts on a xmas light display and has their bbq out on the lawn welcoming visitors with greetings etc. (one lady says they bought 300 candy canes and they were gone by 8:30pm!!!) come dark the lights are bright and the steady flow of cars and people walking increases and is constant untill around 11:00pm! (i should mention it was around 36degreesC during the day!)
Food, drink, cake it's all taken in and slowly the night unfolds with visits from neighbours and friends coming past and saying hello and the throng of people continues. Even santa goes around to every house and greets them as well as a multitude of passers-by and a seemingly endless line of kids!
There is even a group of elderly carolers who stop at each house and sing carols then move on to the next one. this usually takes around 2 1/2 hrs or more to do!
A few of the houses are up for sale and in coming months new owners will move in and next year there may not be as many lights. how much longer will this renown event keep going?? who knows. it may get bigger, but as with most things it may just dwindle as so many others have. then were will the 5000 odd visitors go??
I know not. but i'm just going to enjoy it for as long as i can!!
merry Christmas everyone!!!

 some of the local kids dress up, notice how empty the street is?? not for long!

nikki and bryans place

Santa greets the kids

the two kids in the barrow were pulled around all night!

one house even had snow!!

The carolers

the streets are starting to get packed already!

even limo's were full of people having a look!

me and mark!


the boys!



Om nom nom

santa having a rest

around 10pm
short vid around 9pm

of course as we were about to head home the guys thought it funny to park on my thongs. haha no. left a tyre pattern in them. see how they look later today eh! ;)