Saturday, March 19, 2011

Model shoot

Sorry for the late posts, Helstra decided if i dont pay my phone line they cut it off. considering my internetz go thru it, i also lose that. and a week after not getting it reconnected they can shove it up their asses!! so i now have no land line (which i never use) and no net (using Optus, which i have now cancelled). am currently using "Vivid" wireless as we really dont have a choice 'round here. and seeing i'm on the outer edge of their signal, it's not great either, may need to get their 'home gateway'; which has built in antenna's. but while i can access the nets i will endeavour to update everything (i also got a new hi-techy phone too, but you can only do so much on them!)

Anywho, i recently joined a model group and they have monthly get-together's to take pics and practice there trade (including not just models but also MUA's (make-up artists) and photogs). it's a good group of people and a place to organise the monthly shoot via a poll on what style to do and finding a location to suit.
   Last months shoot was with the theme "old Hollywood' and done in 'Wolf lane' in the city. although there were some difficulties with being in an ally (shadows/direct sun etc) this is the point of these shoots. work around these problems to get the required shots, unlike a studio shoot were you can get it just right, here you really have to think about how you position your model and use various forms of lighting equipment eg: reflectors and/or flashes/strobes. also you can use any spare bodies to hold said reflectors and work together. We had around 8 models, 3 mua's and 20 odd photogs for the day and after around 4hrs i think everyone was quite pleased with the resulting shots. even if there were some sore feet! i even did a video coverage as a sort of doco on how the event went, but as i dont have a reliable editing software and MS wont accept quicktime files, i have yet to finish it :(

so now for the pics :)  (not my best photos skills as i just wanted these shots for the vid)

Sarah-jane, who organizes the whole event!

yes, we even had 1 male model!!

Johannes multitasking!

 so there you go. cant wait for the next one, hopefully i can get some proper shots and a vid!!

EDIT: here is the video!....
Perth Models group, march 2011 shoot from uncle dodgey on Vimeo.



  1. Helstra........another interesting typo

    I love those shots I asked you to take....she looks fabulous.

    Oh, and by the are going to need to practice your photo-shop techniques.....cut out the the fat old tart doing the hair!!!!!!

  2. haha i wish i knew PS that much, then my photos would look FAB! still working on that vid, its done. but uploading is taking time!