Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot summer nights 2013

Another year done and  to bring in the new year there's no better way than an ol skool car show!  and for the third year i went to the Cranksters run event "Hot summers night"
 unfortunately i didn't have my dodge there as i still haven't fixed the engine yet (soon i hope) so i just rocked up in my bunky datsun and parked it well away from the cool cars ;) did the usual of talking to people i haven't seen for a while more than take photos but this is the time to catch up with like minded car folks.

 I have posted all the photos and a proper write up on the website for all to see, so this is just a taster for those who visit my page, so please go there and check it out!!!

On another note i'd like to take this time to say thanks to Jay Fitzgerald of 'Tech Toyz' for building me my new computor, it's only taken me 2yrs to get my shit together and save some coin and finally order one custom built by Jay, and i must say, it's a ripper!!! for the geeks out there its basically a gaming PC, the specs are..

. Intel i7-3770k 3.5ghz CPU
. 16gb DDR3 1600mhz ram
. Nvidia GTX650 2gb graphics card
. Asus Z77 pro4-M (ASRock) motherboard
. 240gb SSD
. Gigabit LAN, HD audio, USB 3.0 +DVD r/wr

Mmm purdy
this stuff is the shiz!

and as a result i bought the new Lightroom 4.0 for it, so i now have the top performing computor to edit all these photos, without all the lag like the old one did, dunno why i waited so long to upgrade..oh yeah..i was broke HA! but seriously i should have done this sooner considering i edit not just car photos, but also the odd wedding and model shoots (which i can now start doing again!) i needed a computer with the power and ability to actually handle the files i upload and to do them justice.
So for 2013 i have the tech ability to go further than i ever have before... now if i can just make more time to actually do some of these shoots, i'll be a happy man ;)

till next time... Bruce.

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