Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pub gigs!

Gotta love a night out eh! and so i  drag along the camera for some of the "Battle of the Bands" down at the rocky hotel. sponsored by 'Bogan & Proud' of course. do some judging, some photo-ing..and some drinking,  some nights its a great time. others...well....they should end early like a good old movie!
 Dont get me wrong, i dont mind the odd night out taking pics of new bands putting on a show....or even a few well known bands. but i think i may have to reconsider what time i should call it a night. am i getting too old for loud music and late nights???... maybe it was just the extraordinary amount of alckamahol i induced that was the problem..yeah.. must've been that ;) or it could have been those 2 cheeseburgers at 2am on the way back home that did it..damn pickles!!!!
 hmmm.. not sure but last week was definatly a head crusher! mind you, i still got some smicko shots, and thats what its all about eh ;)
So here are some shots from the last two BotB comps plus the 'after' pics from the dance club next door ;)

they have the cutest bouncers!   

another reason i go ;)

and now for last week ;)


 then the night club!!!!.....


oh yeah!

i have no idea what i'm doing here?!

After that i'm not too sure.. i think i went home. took me all day saturday to recover..(thanks mark!)
If you go onto Facebook and 'like' bogan & proud you can see the rest of them.
i think i'll just stick to suger water for a least till my kidney recovers ;)

oo-roo till next time!

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  1. nice scenery ;) you have such a hard job sometimes..!