Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE 2011

New years eve is not a time i usually go out and par'tee like it's 1999.. thats been and gone and i have no time for drunken yobbo ferals at a park! but i still managed to end up at Rockingham foreshore (onya mark!) and there i the middle of it all, listening to a few bands including Mental As Anything! hmm....not too bad i spose, and i took my camera. fancy that!!
So here's a photo overview of the night!...i didnt get there early so i missed a few of the bands...
(remember, photos are 'clickable' for larger views) ;)

The place was packed!!

YMCA always get 'em going!

And they had 2 new members ;)

WATCH OUT!! haha

considering the size of the crowd, not a lot of trouble?

heaps of police around!

 Now i didn't have any drinks while i was there (i did have a couple beforehand tho) so this was a relatively
sober NYE! how strange! oh and i left before the Fireworks, so no pretty pics of that!
 till next time ;)