Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home sweet home

So i finally moved house, it took 3 weeks of sorting thru mostly car parts and old junk that was outside all these years, all rusty or sun-bleached or just plain rotten from the weather and moving all the cars (remember i had 9!) but i did manage to sell three of them before i moved and one more after!! thats means i am no longer a hoarder!!! woot! i am now officially a collector ;)
The thing now is to unpack it all and sort where on earth i'm gonna put it all!!! thankfully i have 2 sheds just for my shit to store and to park the cars in and a 3rd which will be turned into a studio. so just a case of seeing what will go inside the house and what will stay boxed in the sheds!

anway, here are some pics i just took of the old and the new place, could be useful for shoots i reckon ;)

remember, pics are clickable for bigger view!

old house from road (minus a few cars)
the backyard (minus a few more cars of course)

front lawn of new house! (no animals would ever come near the old place)

the driveway in (not a place to lose your lights!)

looking left at house
at 3rd shed, this will be the studio
behind shed looking down on small orchard
we even have fruit!
there's even a stable!
horse training area looking back up at stables

back near house is a path in to...!

spring retreat??

left of that is this large open area, looking back towards house

path winding  thru bush
we even have a real pond! with fishies!!

from side of house looking toward gardens

front of house looking down to open area

 now in the old house i was all alone ( :( ) but i have to share this place as it's just too much on my own. but i think its worth it!
could be some sort of photo shoot around the property as it's mainly just scrub and trees, good for night/horror style!. and i didnt show the sheds with the cars cause they still need cleaning and rearranging, but once there done i will ;)
 Now to unpack, sort, store, clean and generally tidy up around the paths ready for a housewarming party!!!!

 see ya soon ;)

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  1. Holy crap, nice place you got there! I'd love a house like that!