Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Chair!

I have been looking for an photo idea based on an old 'P' shaped wing back chair, two weeks ago i found it! it's a little bit taller than i really want, but you gotta grab what you can, when you can. what it means is that i can use this chair/prop for an idea of a photo set on punk/rockabilly girls. similar to SG (but without the porn). so once i move house i will set up a studio (of sorts) to utilise this new prop and get these ideas out from my head and onto the screen. this will be interesting ;)

it will need a quick clean-up (very dusty) as it's sitting in a warehouse at the moment, and i will need a coloured background, still deciding on what colour that should be..white or red??? paper or cloth??? comments?? what do you think it needs?
"Futures so bright....i gotta wear shades"


  1. A rich red background and a luscious model in white lingerie me thinks!

  2. sounds good, but what if they dont have white :/
    as i'm sure some will have black/red or even something else. maybe i should have multiple BG's, just in case?