Sunday, July 17, 2011

july is...

July is looking to be a busy one. found out i have to move house as this place is being sold, never like moving. but it should mean more space to get my cars fixed and someplace to shoot without leaving the property!
  Last month a did a 21st party shoot which went well, wont post any pics of that but they like them so thats good! also did a pregnacy shoot for a friend that also went quite well, especially when you hire a studio to shoot in. i must say having all the lights and remote triggers all there for you is the best!
 And did a pub gig in midland and one just last weekend around the corner, which was good to get a handle on high ISO work and fast paced action in low light with both the band and the crowd. now if i could just get more paid work i can update this slow computer to handle processing all these photos!

and now for some pics!

 and last sat..

they said i had to keep it hard??!

holy sh.....!

crowd motivator!

 and a couple from the pregnancy shoot....

so there you go. busy as bro!!!
Oh, and there wont be any Model photos this month as i left the camera home and went as a model instead!!
it was a 'Mods Vs Rocker' theme, so i went as a leather jacketed rocker!!!! now THAT was fun! ;)

catch ya!