Wednesday, March 9, 2011

all in 1 weekend!

well, bout time for an update. busy, tired. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it!
anywho, a couple of weeks ago i had nothing to do, until i looked at FB and saw many, many things i should do.
hmm which ones should i attend. well a nice mexican dinner in freo for friday night with friends was good, then off to the drifts on saturday and meet up with some mates, take some pics. then sunday do a quick shoot with a local band for some promo shots for FB with the new drummer. hmmm actually sounded much busier when i did it. oh well. at least i did something that weekend. unlike a few of the others were i just skulked around the house because of the heat wave we've been having here. 35degrees every. single. day. blargh! and not having insulation in this house really makes it hard to sleep when it's still 30 inside at 10pm!
at least this last weekend was fairly cool (only hit 30!). with a brekky meet in Kalamunda on sat morning with more photos friends and being a long weekend i did nothing sunday and cleaned the house..a bit.. on monday.
     So i've decided to sell my Pentax gear and head to one of the other brands. i love my pentax stuff, but really, i need better ISO and faster lenses for some of these shoots i do. i just cant compete in low light and at the track when i'm still using 'Amateur' gear. damn it. now i need more money!!
oh well. heres some piktures to make up for this dribble!

Just over the back from the drift track is the sports club track, so i went there for some more racing shots.

Pyramid of the Coyote

till next time!!!

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