Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Band shoots - Hells Bells

Last week i went to a gig at my local pub (i've never been to my local, so this would be interesting) as Hells Bells were playing (AC/DC cover band) and i always enjoy going to there gigs. (and as the official photo guy for Bogan & Proud i do this quite a few times!) but as some of you guys know, i dont have a lot of lenses. bugger all really and definately not for specific shoots like low light band gigs! these places have no real white light for good shots like normal places and they tend to use either all red or blue on the stage lights which really make bad photos! the only way to get good shots is by cranking up the ISO (film speed) and have a good F2.8 or lower lens. or use a prime lens which is usually F2 or lower. and for the most part i have been using kit lenses, and while i do crank up the ISO, the rest is just crap. you really need good glass for these things.
  So off i trotted to the gig, but this time i thought seeing as it is usually a waste of time with the normal lenses, i would just use the old manual focus 50mm F2 i bought ages ago and never really use. GODDAM that makes a difference in light coming thru the lens! yeah its only small (49mm) but still, makes a huge difference in what shutter speed you can use to stop motion blur. and not as much 'grain' either. why didnt i use this before?!
  yeah it dont have a wide view, in fact it's only good for head shots when your close. but if you back up a tad you can get some decent coverage. i like this band shooting thing now! ok, so i'm still not the best out there (hardly that good at all really) but i think i'm starting to learn it finally.

see for yourselves!!! (oh i might mention that they had the smoke machine going all night long!!)

First band is 'waiting4andy'
i didnt get many of them as i arrived late

then Hells Bells!

Wayne, lead singer

i call this Heaven Vs hellsbells

and the Bogan&Proud shot!

that'll do pig. that'll do.....for now ;)

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