Saturday, February 19, 2011

21st shoot

 Ok a bit late but...
Had the chance to go to a friends 21st the other weekend. partly as friend, mostly as the photographer. something i never thought of when hearing about 21st (other than the things that go on!) is that more people are getting a photographer to do shots during the evening before they go out. and seeing i was going to get paid (not much, but still worth the effort) i thought this would be great experience for on-site 'studio/portrait' work.

 now i have a cheap twin strobe setup that i never use, so this would be a good start to get to know the setup and start actually using these strobes. now they asked beforehand on what i needed. one thing was of course the background. you got to get that right, but with this being just a birthday gig you cant ask for much. but the girls did a great job of cutting up metallic look wrapping paper and cutting it into hearts and stars. it may be a bit too reflective for shoots, but i think it still worked out pretty good. and really, its is a birthday shoot. not a mega$$$ bling fashion job!

 Although it took some time to work out the lights and triggers,(always bring spare batteries!) i got it all going and then we started. doing whoever was dressed and ready, then as new people came in, after they got settled get them in front of the camera. Of course there are those who hate getting their photo taken..but just wait till they have a few more drinks and everyone else is doing it and they'll get in on the action! especially when they dont smile to start with. but a gentle prod and reassurance and they'll do it. and of course as the evening goes along the people tend to loosen up and you can get some great group shots with plenty of smiles and laughs, thats gotta be good! as a result a got 2 genuine inquiries and 1 booking! (i'll really have to work out a good price, as some pro's who's only job is photography can charge $100phr. and i'm not that good!)

 anyways, here's the pics!

thats the b'day girl on the left!

"dodgey's angels"!

phew!.. ok. till next time yo ;)

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