Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Motorvation 25

One of the main car shows in Perth is Motorvation. it's been going for 25 years now, and up till recently the only large car show for all makes and models. A big percentage of car clubs would make a display and get as many members to enter. In the last 2 years we have had the addition of Powercruise, an idea formed from some eastcoast promoters to put on more then just a static show and add some adrenalin. while this event in itself is new, Motorvation has been doing the basics of this for years since it moved from the Burswood dome to the Kwinana motorplex. with much needed space for clubs and the fact you can drive around the "Paddock" between all the parked cars and displays and also use the main drag straight and the return road for some skids when the main cruise gets going, has enabled Motorvation to be an even greater event.
  BUT, like most car related parties the feral element and retarded attitudes of a lot of the, shall we say lower IQ entrants. had spoiled the event over the last 3-4 years. definately not a family friendly place to take the kiddies to see some classic and modern machines on show. this has led Powercruise to double in size since it came here to ol Perth. some say the ferals have now gone there as last weekend i attended MV for the first time in 3 yrs, not as a participant but just a regular joe with a camera. even tho entrant numbers were down from last year (by half!) you could say because the promoters kicked out all the dickheads and their crappy-arsed cars that the cars are much better than usual, maybe it's just the mines paying for it all. and considering how many commodores and falcons were there, this may be a good assumption. be nice if they didnt just bolt on a blower, paint the top half a different colour and add blinged out rims and rubber band tyres. as at least 50% of these cars all looked the same. roll up to a workshop and say "bolt the biggest/shiniest stuff on me car maaate" to the cookie cutter models. and not to mention the owners looking like they had more "Product" on them than their girlfriends!!! 'The Douchbag lives in Australia!!
  apart from that there were some great examples of bygone cars from an age were if it didnt have a chrome metal bumper you just didnt have style! fords/Valiants/hotrods/classic muscle cars were slowly making their presence known, and even a few of the later models were adding some nice touches that would not be outta place in the 70's! even if the entrant numbers were down, the crowds still seemed to pour in and drool/fap and otherwise dream of what they might achieve on their own. with good crowds and only 30 degrees C on saturday it was a great day (and this is a two day event!) for walking the chitlens and missus and picking up on things to do to your cruiser at home! Notably absent was most if not all of the major Import car clubs. who have put a ban on MV till they can get their act together in regards to setup/pricing and some other stuff i dont know of!(??). but other than that (and paying $42 just to get in!) i actually had a good day. and am seriously thinking about entering the Dodge next year with the car club in their display. we'll see.....
anyways, here's some pics..enjoy!
          Motorvation 25

Motorvation 25 

this datto had a V8 holden innit!

till next time.. oo-roo!

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