Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Summer Nites

  Nothing like a cruise and relax with like-minded car nuts! That was what the Cranksters club did last Saturday night with a meet-up in the Swan Valley at the Swan athletics club grounds. 5.30pm arrival time and then park up and either walk around and check out some classic rides or grab a drink and some food from the licensed club rooms. then sit back and watch  the live rockabilly band play on the back of a truck or chuck the kids on to the blow-up castle or just sit and chat.
   being one of the first cruises for the year, and the fact it's been soo hot that a cool evening in your cool car seems to be what a few people just wanted! with around 130 cars/rods/trucks/customs or some juicy American and Aussie muscle parked on the brilliant grassed area, it was just the thing after a hot week and all the festivities over for another year.
   And seeing as there isn't really a lot of cruises going on around Perth during..well..anytime really! that this was the start of the car club/cruise scene for 2011. with a lite breeze and some cool machinery on display i had to get some pics of the event. mainly cause the Motorplex also had an event on with drags and a wheel-stander that a few people couldn't get to i did the pics for this event (although no-one asked me to, i couldn't help myself!)
  Also it helped me find out if the Dodge was going to be a problem in cruising so far from home as i have a noise in the engine (sounds like lifters or cam) that this was a test to see if i can keep using it for cruises or if i had to take it off the road for a rebuild! luckily if held together and didn't miss a beat! (whew!)

  I was also talking to a friend from another club we are in and we thought that this type of meet should be more common, as in all car clubs should get a cruise together and meet up after at a place like this and just chill out to some live music and have a drink or eat dinner. just the thing to get the Perth car scene more active. There are some big clubs here and this would attract more members and get people involved in the club and get their collective arses out there, in their cars, not parked in the shed or brought out once a year.
dont just have A particular club doing it, make it an any car make meet. so it's not all holden or ford. but a variety of all the cool cars that are locked up and hardly ever brought out to play ;)

 I for one would like to cruise more (maybe i should fit that electric fan now) and take some photos in both day and night. well if your a car club reading this, organize now!

Well here is a small collection of some of the entries that were there. (click on pics for bigger view!)

The airbrush work on this was amazing!

had to get the Duck in here somewhere!

read the window sticker

i like the perspective here!

i really like this shot!

if you would like to see all the pics from this event i have posted them on Facebook. here..!/album.php?aid=319012&id=585123823

till next time ;)

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