Friday, January 28, 2011

Lake Clifton benefit

Australia is under going a change at the moment. no not 'age' related, but the weather has gone troppo all over the place from drought and floods to fire etc. and nearly everyone has had one of these happen either very close to them or to someone they know.
   In Perth we have fires, lots of fires! mostly they are lit on purpose and can ravage a big area in no time as perth is always dry. one of the biggest in the local area happened not long ago in an area just south of the metro area. Lake Clifton is a small community just past Waroona sth-west of Perth. And they had one of the biggest bushfires  the area has seen in a long time.
photo Sorbello
A total of around 2000ha of land and 10 homes plus cars/sheds/machinery were lost in the blaze. a devastating event for any town, let alone a small town like this! (and it was deliberately lit!) So last Saturday (22 jan) they held a benefit for those affected  in Waroona at the local Drakesbrook hotel. although not widely posted in the Perth press, FB did it's best with locals and others posting where and when it would be on.
  Mark from Bogan & Proud wanted to go there and contribute some items for a raffle with all proceeds going in the tin for them. of course i went to take some photos of the event to post on FB so everyone could see how it went. Although not a huge crowd turned up, those that did, made it a very enjoyable night with 4 bands playing and the hotel running a bbq to help. all in all we had a great night out and made a few new friends too! and tho i don't have the good lens for night photos, i did my best :)

Anita Downes

World 'a Fuzzy

Damien Thornber and the Orphans

Michael Smith our sound man!

nice sunset too!

Pyramid Of 'the'coyote

Gary and mark

 Oh, gary said Pyramid 'of the Coyote are having their CD launch this Saturday at the Rosemount Hotel, starting at 8pm. so if you wanna rock your socks off, 'do yourself a favor' and go see them!

till next week ;)

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