Sunday, February 21, 2010

girl photos!

Well, as i said in the last post. girls and photos are fun!!! so i went and did a shoot with a friend who has a few nice looking friends and did a shoot in a friends paint shed. actually he sprays boats and this was the room for the small ones, so we (Bec) set it up and got some Poker games and made it a 50/60's poker night!!
the wall of fluro lights helped but still had to use Iso400 which in turn lead me to create a bit of blur in some of the pics (read most!) but i think it still worked out pretty damn good! i have some cheap studio lights but forgot to take them so just used what was there, i thought it looked good. but may use my lights next time so as not to go up high on the Iso and use a faster shutter speed.
there is an exhibition coming up soon in Perth city in 4 laneways, each has a different theme so will try to take a set for each laneway. (see if this works out tho?)


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