Saturday, May 22, 2010


So, not a lot has happened photo-wise in the last few months. soo busy at work it's unbelievable how many new homes are being built here in Perth!
but i did get to do a few shots for a friend who makes hats/Fascinaters for a shop in Freo in her spare time.
she needed some shots for FB and e-blah. so i thought it would be quick 'n' easy. as she (Jessica) was going to use her young sis as the model (liz) and some borrowed clothes from the shop (Vicious delicious) and pick a spot in Freo in the arvo.

 So we found a spot near the Woolshed's and started. we had a change of wardrobe for various shots and hats so making things interesting. not to mention i had another friend doing some interesting moves while i changed settings!!

so all in all it was a good shoot, a tad too harsh on the sunlight but..still worth it!

still waiting to do that alleyway shoot with the devil and my dodge. 3mths and waiting!! soon i hope ;)

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