Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo leanings

Ok, so some of you might have seen my photos on Flickr. i dont really have a style to speak off, although i do a lot of car shoots. Either shows or drift comps or just my own cars. i dabble a bit in night photography/long exposures. but i dont really have a set style or  good at any particular genre...well, i've been thinking (a bad thing usually) and maybe i should combine the two things i really like..Cars and Girls!!!
I know....more blatant sexism....but what else can i do??? so many people these days can go spend up big on the latest gear and study Photoshop and get some decent stuff...but really, how many flowers/cats/bokeh kids etc can one take???
 and i like cars, don't mind the female form either! so....why not!  I did some shots before Xmas of a friend and my dodge, look fairly good so have another one tee'd up for the end of Jan and have asked another girl i know  to join us (or do a different shoot), she's never done anything like it before so she might enjoy it (or maybe not?)
So we shall see how this goes (maybe even grab a few cars from upcoming car shows) and maybe i could even get some in the magazines i so often buy. that would be cool!!

1 comment:

  1. cars and girls sounds good to me - that 50's pin up look is nothing to shy away from :))