Sunday, January 10, 2016

Xmas Hols!!!

So i just had to get out of the city and head north up the coast to some ideallic beaches and just sit, not do anything... just sit. The fact it was around 35degrees here in Perth and too hot to even lie on the bed made it easier to do, so i packed (more like threw shit in) my recently acquired 1981 F100 ambulance and took off, little did i realise that of the two cameras i took that the main one went flat as i left it on! so the D7000 crop was it for the weekend. not that i felt like taking photos anyways, i took more on the last night at the Pinnacles then the whole week around the towns i was staying in!
which reminds me, i headed up to Lancelin on NYE and stayed on the beach, went to the local pub and slept in the carpark so i didn't have to drive! then around 3pm when it was 35 i drove the 80kms up to Cervantes and hung around there for two more days till i came back down to the Pinnacles on the 3rd and stayed in the carpark till 5:30am and drove back home. One of the reasons i stayed in the van is that's one of the reasons i bought it, to go away on weekends and not have to set up a tent, just fold down the couch and sleep where-ever! also useful for towing, which i hope to do once i have a car ready!
So i did take some pics of the beaches while i was away, and some car stuff along with some poor excuses for night photography, too hot to really get in to anything but at least i took something, really lacking for motivation with cameras these days. see how the new year goes eh!
ALL Photos are Clikable to enlarge!!!!!

Island off lancelin beach

Lancelin lookout facing the sandhills

Tourists by the busload!

at least they tried ;)

4wd bus tours are popular thru the sand hills

someone having fun!

Was also very windy up there!!!

my beasty!

Lancelin also had a fire during the NY period, not as big as recent ones tho

Cervantes, Thirsty point

Cervantes back beach

The Pinnacles, yes you can drive thru it

eerie and awesome!

not spose to touch them y'know!!!

sunset was this bright!

now time for some night photos!

thanks to a passing car for the red mars glow!

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