Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rally sprints

Local company McRae motorsports do some khana events on their rallysprints.com site down at the Motoplex dragway, using the outer roads and some of the bottom end of the drag strip they have a really good course using all the things a fast car could need, last week their normal meet was also used to sort out some of the competitors for this years Targa West rally, and to give sponsors some time in the hot seat for there efforts in sponsoring some of these cars. i went down for an hour to do some panning practice as it's been a while since i last did any motorsport... conclusion.... i need new lenses!!! relying on 10yr+ lenses is not good for sharp pans! maybe once i've fixed some of my cars i'll set some money aside....HA!
Anyway, heres some of the results ;)

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