Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've had a few weeks without internet thanks to the dismal amount you get from wireless broadband in Aus. 8 gb lasted all of 10 days, and when your uploading hi-res photos to various sites and dropbox'ing them to models etc you go through it fairly quickly. big ups to Australia's third world internet!! looks like i may have to go back to a landline to get net as i cant afford w'less with small downloads and high prices. problem is where i live Telstra has stilll not updated the local exchange so i still cant get adsl2. so back to slow adsl1, but at least i can get a min of 50gb with far less drop-outs (sometimes) for around the same price. and seeing i have finally edited last months model shoot, i can upload that here soon too! (maybe friday night) this months shoot was on sunday just gone, but i had to miss it as my computer doesn't like heavy editing with Lightroom. may need a service? or a new one! so missed a great 'Burlesque' themed shoot :( oh well, next months maybe.

 heres a teaser of the set..

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