Saturday, October 23, 2010

new lens!

As i have previously stated i needed better lenses for my camera. namely for motorsports, as i really hit the wall of sharpness with the kit lens. which is what they want of course! all good for the real amateur photog who doesn't need any sharp detail if all they shoot are friends and the pet doggy! but after a while when you push your abilities beyond the mainstream FB pics, you'll start to notice you cant get there on kit alone. you NEED to upgrade! and although i moan about my need for new glass i cant really whinge when i then go buy a car (or two!). so to let my camera know that i DO lurve it (and the fact our dollar is basically = to the US) i went online and looked around for a basic mid range tele lens. nothing too big (or $$$) but something that i can take to an event and still be able to get a decent pic. My budget is $0 so all the good f2.8 stuff was really out of the question. so i ended up getting a 50-200mm f4.5-5.6 pentax smc DA, not even the DA* as that is pricey, just the normal spec digi lens. but i can tell ye (yes, i meant YE!) that is a step in the right direction! i went to a country fair on the Saturday and got some decent shots with it..Hmmm promising!


so on Sunday i had the First round of our local drift comp at Barbagello raceway, this better work i thought!!
of course i forgot to reset the WB from last nights shots above and wondered wtf i had done??!?!! after a few shots i came to realize and quickly changed that (but i did miss a couple of shots). then i had to get 'in the zone' for speed shots, that also took a bit, and get used to this lens. but i think in the end i have indeed gone up in sharpness and quality!
 now, what next?... another lens or a car.....Hmmmmmm ..



                                                               This is my fave!!!  

also i started another Flickr acct just for my race/car photos.