Friday, September 17, 2010

where to now #2

Ok, so to add to the last episode of my backyard being full of cars. i Finally picked up the other half of the Reliants! this one was on a property about 40mins east of Perth in Gidgeegannup. so i grabbed the dodge and hired a trailer (i should buy one soon!!) and went to get it.
  I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near the condition of the Kitten, but beside the very dusty exterior and very used interior, the body isn't that bad! yeah it needs a small repair on the left front, but being f'glass that wont be a problem. and i'm sure you can get door rubbers and other seals from a rubber store (very generic stuff really, any good car shop/restorers should have them).
 And seeing it's a runner (was used as a daily) all the rest is just easy to do, although the fuel tank may need to be changed. but as i just re-did the one in the kitten i think i'll just grab one from a jap wreck and  use that.

 700cc all alloy engine, they came from the factory with a 650 but you could (after running around for a while) return it and get the 'upgrade' bigger 700 motor as this one did!

in the boot is a pair of what looks like mini moke wide rims! but being 10in they'll go on the kitten as this car has 12in rims!!! wow sporty as!

I intend to keep this one stock as, just a tidy up, replace seal/rubbers etc and paint. so different to the Kitten in body shape.
This one will have to wait a while to get worked on. as after the kitten i really need to get the skyline fixed and the Dodge tuned then maybe the VW. then,  this will be next........................maybe ;)

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  1. how well do they hold up? I know they're fibreglass, so the body is pretty much bulletproof - but do the chassis rot badly?