Monday, January 28, 2013

Motorvation 2013

Once again i headed down to what is Western Australia's premier car show. but this time i decided to buy a camping pass and stay for the weekend, although i didn't have time to get there on Friday, and running around on Saturday i only managed to arrive at 11:30am, so i missed Friday nights prelim burnouts and cruising but i thought i'd grab all of today's activities to make up for was about 31degreesC and the club tent had an air cooler in i didn't make it out as much as i thought i would.... really had no energy from doing long hours during the week. but that doesn't mean i didn't meet a few people and watch the cars cruising past our tent!

I intended to take some video with a friends go-pro, make a time lapse and some other stuff out on the track, but lethargy kicked in and i really CBF ;) with all that was happening i just didn't feel the love nor the inclination to go get the shots i wanted, pity cause there was a lot happening out there. but as i wasn't the only one with a camera shooting, i knew most shots wouldn't be missed, everyone has a camera these days, and will upload to FB or the like, so no point me busting my chops to get the same shots... think i lost my mo-jo a while ago.

stayed up till 1:30 Sunday morning and awoke around 8am for food etc. i did go out and get some night time shots before bed and then trolled around during the morning to see what else was cruising the 'plex. and as i didn't have a 'entrant' sticker for my car, i couldn't bring it in to load up all my crap till nearly 4pm. so basically just lounged around with the others and watched the crowds and cars cruise past the tent.. not a bad way to  take in a Sunday really! if i go again next year, i definatly want my own car in there to go cruising in  or at least release the boredom occasionally, and maybe get that camper trailer done so i have a proper bed and a place to store all my stuff. but you didn't come here to listen to me gripe about how many commodores there were or how many of them started to do burnouts in the pit area so they could get kicked out and go home early... so here's some photos... all the rest of them are at Autolifeperth's website, as well as a page just with MY PHOTOS  go check them all out ;)

(click on these photos for a slideshow)



killed in the name of fun!

what a ripper ;)

Till the next time,, oo-roo. Bruce.

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