Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pop-up gallery

 The Pop-up gallery is an initiative by good friend Nikki, who tries to get the most out of Perth's art scene, whether it be photo's, graphic's, sketches, handmade items or even knitters! there's not a lot of art space to show your work here in 'ol Perth, so when your offered a space to have an exhibition you don't ask twice! (unless the first one goes belly up)

 And when you have such an exhibition, it can and will be varied in what gets shown, which is the way it should be. and depending on the size of the space you have, it can be full of amazing artwork from a variety of some of perth's known and unknown artists.
and then you have the 2012 Pop-up gallery exhibition held in an empty shopfront in Subiaco, west of Perth's CBD. This exhibit has items from jewellery makers, delicate paper crafting, graphic artists, handpainted works, sketches, painters and of course photographers.

The space is only open on weekends from 12noon to 4pm, but at least you still get to show what you can do, and, as a bonus, there is live entertainment from a variety of artist such as go-go dancers, vocalists, an Accordion player and a harp player!! that'll get them in! the dancers caused a scene today as they dance in the front window space with 60's music from a nice sized speaker making sure passing traffic didnt miss the crowd gathered out the front ;)

Now if we could do this sort of exhibition more often, with the help of local councils and business people offering space that would other wise be empty, then Perth could have a thriving art space that would be a great place for people to show their works and breathe life into shopfronts that would otherwise be vacant and add a splash of colour and variety to the standard shopping areas around the town.

we can only hope :)

This used to be a fashion store, those large prints in the front are from the previous tenant

Nikki re-aligning some prints ;)

shaking a tail feather


entertaining the youth! 

yeah, thats me and my photos ;)
Dont forget to pop in and have a look around! (addy in first pic) 

till next time!

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